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The climate extension for Monopoly
Publisher: Verlag Zwei Grad
Game designer: Philipp Socha
Illustrator: Barbara Bättig
Number of players from: 2–8
Length of game: 2 hours
Age recommendation: 10+
Family games Wirtschaft Board games Cooperation

Spiel direkt eG only distributes a German edition of this game.

Klimapoly is the climate extension for Monopoly. Now there are floods, climate strikes and really hot summers.

Buying roads, building houses and paying rent cause emissions. For this, new emission cards are placed in a thermometer and you see how the temperature rises. Above 2°, the events of the new climate cards are much more extreme and incalculable, just as climate research predicts.

To prevent the climate catastrophe and a quick end of the game, you can plant trees and renovate your houses to make them climate-friendly.
Get into discussions! If things go well, together you will manage to slow down climate change and get back to 0° (cooperative game goal).

- 32 climate cards
- 100 emissions
- game instructions
- thermometer

TECHNICAL NOTE: Yes, you need a Monopoly game to play (old or new version with 4,000 or 200 at "start"). Klimapoly is only the extension.

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