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Latest Information! (Updated on 14.11.2017)

  1. Today we present you a new game of Oink Games named Modern Art.
  2. Today we welcome a new member at the Spiel direkt eG: Fantasmagoria. Fantasmagoria with the following game BATTALIA: THE CREATION.
  3. Clicker presents two new games. 3d expansion of Schinderhannes "The Trial" and the 1st expansion of Café Melange - "Waiter, the bill please."
  4. The game Fish and Ships of Igel Spieleis sold out because of the der Spiel17. The new order is going to be in the second half of november. And because of a packing mistake, Ausgespielt ist also available in the second half of november.
  5. Dear Customers, a few more hours! The game fair Essen 2017 starts in a few days. Further you see an overview of our members of Spiel direkt eG. We are looking forward to your visit!
  6. Game fair Essen is straight ahead. We are looking forward to welcome you at Spiel direkt eG common stand. Furthermore you get an overview of our publishers and games, , which are represented at our Spiel direkt eG common stand. .
  7. New Game by Igel Spiele: Fish and Ships.
  8. Todays presentation: RISING 5: HELDEN VON ASTEROS and NEUROSHIMA HEX 3.0 - DIE IRON GANG.
  9. Today we present new games of Irongames und Game's Up: Peloponnes and Carthago.
  10. Clicker Spiele presents a new feature to Schinderhannes Brettspiel Schwarzer Peter.
  11. R und R present various games, you can preorder before Spiel'17 in Essen starts:: Pyramid Poker und Dragon Islan, Rajas of the Ganges - !NOT ALLOWED TO PUT UP FOR SALE IN GERMANY! In or Out und Artifact Stack.
  12. Jumping Turtle presents two new games: Baby Cruise and Cover Me. Ostia also presents their new game: Riga .
  13. UPDATE: The following games will be available with a little delay: Mahé (franjos Spieleverlag) in the middle of October and the extension of Machtwechsel 2017 (included the Bundle - heptagon) at the 29th of September.
  14. Der Sphinx Spieleverlag presents two new games and one comic! Alltagswahn Autobahn" , Klick! Klick! Bäng!" and the comic Echo des Wahnsinns.
  15. Preorders! franjos Spieleverlag with Mahé and Hard Boiled Games with La Cosa Nosta - Guns For Hire!
  16. BOARD GAME BOX - a new member of the Spiel direkt e.G. with these innovations Brethren of the coast and Mission zum Mars 2049
  17. Today we present you the innovations of MÜCKE SPIELE ¡Adios Calavera! and HAAS GAMES Food Facts und Genies!

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